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    Inline Hockey Association (IHA)

    Cohesionnoun the action or fact of forming a united whole. (Apple Dictionary)

    Inline Hockey Association (IHA) is a cohesive unit for inline hockey. Through the standardization of rules, coach certification, and referee certification; IHA plans on making a single hub for all inline hockey players to grow the sport, educate both hockey and non-hockey players about the sport, and to give all amateur inline hockey players a even playing field to improve their game nationally.

    Inline Hockey Association (IHA) is working with several other associations to standardize the rules and build certification programs that will promote fair play and safe sport through out. IHA will be the central point to post schedules for all participating inline hockey organizations so players and fans will be able to see what is happening in either their area or an area they may temporarily be located at. If you have a schedule you would like to share please email


    As a membership based association, the opportunity will be for members to suggest and vote on rule changes. The support of members will help IHA to grow the sport nationally and bring it back to a new and stronger level then in the past. Member feedback is also essential in understanding concerns and potential opportunities that exist. Having a cohesive unit like Inline Hockey Association (IHA), will be able to get a better snapshot of the sport in the US. If you would like to be a member, click here

    Our certification programs are put together by some of the best players, referees, and coaches in the sport. The certification process will include background checks to help protect our young players, and safe sport practices besides the technical sport information. Initially there will only be a basic certification level but as time progressives and the programs and association grows, you will begin to see more advance levels. Current certified individuals will be posted on our website so you can verify that they are certified and, eventually, at what level.  If you are interested in the program email . If you would like to donate to the program, click here or email